samedi 26 novembre 2016

KAÏLA in english soon... :)

" At the origin of the World was the Love.
That of the Moon and the Sun,
Who looked for each other night and day. "

Chapter 1

I believe it not! Adam really has the gift to be a buddy with the guys most artillery of the high school! Besides, he always brings them under my nose by knowing that they ignore me totally ... which bastard! It looks like he makes him express!

 "Dear diary, My older brother is either an idiot devoid of empathy, or a sadist of first category! He still returned of the high school with his buddies great sexy, and as usual they make the idiots, just under my window ... without noticing that I observe them naturally. I remain seated as every day in this frame which bounds my golden cage, while isolating me from the immense sky which tightens me arms. Yes, well, all right I am too sentimental and always in my dreams, but it is not that which makes me invisible for them; it is just that they are 17 years old, and that their bodies of Greek gods filled with hormones do not vibrate for the 11-year-old younger sisters, uncomfortable in their own skin and relatively unsociable.
 Anyway, I could well be full of humor and repartee, I would always have a body of slug flask, flat where they want forms to caress, and the round stomach of sweets where they dream about very firm abs. I have nothing of a model, these pieces of tasty meat, molded in ends of cloth ridiculously small, as we see it everywhere;  from celebrity magazines to reality shows, including lousy virtual games of war and ads in any kinds. To believe that we can make buy anything from a man, since his memory associated the image of the product to that of a nymph nymphomaniac!
No but without messing around, even cars are transformed into platinum blonde, molded by latex, and asking be inspected by the garage owner... not but where are we going, there?
Anyway, I'm fed up to be a too mature kid for my age, I want to grow up and fast, not to be part of the furniture any more! "

 - " Amy! Go down to lay the table, and quickly! "
Mom, but when will you stop roaring?
- " AMY! "

 - " Yes! I will be right there! "
Pfff, the duties it is always for the same! And Adam he, he(it) has fun quietly during this time! It is to believe that she takes me for her maid!
- " I can help you Mimi? "
- " Ah Jeff! Yes! You fall well, thank you. "
- " With pleasure miss. "
What a smile Jeff! Ah, he really has the gift to lead to forget me all my concerns. It is to believe that we exchanged them Adam and he at the birth, so he is kind and protective with me. A real older brother!
- "Amy, you are not ashamed to make do your job by a guest?"
- "It is me who proposed hiermy help Madam, Amy asked to me for nothing. And then, I make that all the time at home."
- "Yes, well, it is kind to you Jeff."
 Ah ah you are snubbed eh Mom? Ah Jeff, if only you could take me far from here, the life would certainly be much easier with you... But hardly I begin to dream about a little of sweetness which a well known hurtful voice is listened: [...]


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